Kevin Cahill

Kevin Cahill was born in Cork City, Ireland, and graduated from University College Cork with a degree in Government Studies. His poetry has appeared on both sides of the Atlantic, in journals that include Edinburgh Review, London Magazine, Magma, The Manchester ReviewBerkeley Poetry ReviewSouthword, AgendaPoetry Ireland Review, The Stinging Fly, Gorse, CrannógThe Oxonian Review and The SHOp


Through a Glass Darkly

To see the face of God

is hell

right up there

with hell. I mean,

before we shriek in the ride

‘home’ with the men in white

Harriet and Ingmar have given us

ninety minutes to soar

across the moonrock of Fårö,

the halo of fjords.


Harriet Andersson skips off the agnostic tea-guests

pioneering into a snow-flake

of tea, snow-drifts of cheese…With her, we believe

the flood-lit face of the spoon

is the face of God, imbibing the firth’s

little inferno, and swallow our tongues…a fantastic toddle

of a toad’s stepping into fire

fills the shore…Should you meet us here, after midnight,

we will walk into the wallpaper with you

living the dream of fire.


© 2018 Kevin Cahill