Danny Kuhn

Irish-American Danny Kuhn (MA, West Virginia University) is a former teacher and law enforcement officer who was  born in the Appalachian coalfields. He has published ten books, including novels, short story collections, and non-fiction. His novels have been positively reviewed by authors/presenters James Burke, Adam Hart-Davis, and Nick Barratt, as well as musician Finbar Furey, actor Mike Farrell, and Alphie McCourt.


The back garden in winter
is painted in browns and greys
with soft and soggy edges.
Vines and limbs
once so clothed in green
as to be unseen
now sway in the wind,
ashamed of their nakedness.
The bare earth of the beds
likewise, unaccustomed
to sunlight, even winter sunlight,
so thin and indirect.
Shy to our gaze,
embarrassed, like an old gram
with threadbare tea towels
and holes in her housedress.
“If I had know you were
coming, dear, I would have changed,” she says,
knowing there was naught to change into.
But I am not here for your housedress,
nor leaves, nor petals.
I am here to remind you of your beauty
in winter.

© 2020 Danny Kuhn