Raj Sharma

Raj Sharma is a retired senior professor of English, who has worked at universities in India, Middle East and USA. Published work includes two collections of short stories, In My Arms and Other Stories ( 2010), A Strange Wind Blowing (2019) and a collection of poems, No Season For Grief (2017). In addition, 40 poems and short stories have appeared in different US magazines.


Keep Singing

A solitary thrush keeps singing
though the church bells stop
ringing amidst sleet and snow.

The leaves around are all gone
the birches stripped to bone
and just a single old crow

ruffles its dark feathers
from the bleak height
of a gaunt elm, while winds blow

against its cowering shoulders.
The thrush glances at the white
boulders strung far below

upon the silent, sad plain.
It might seem in vain to sing
at its edge where a large ice floe

is a stern reminder of the relentless
marching in of a winter of woe
that just would not go.

Yet he keeps singing still
under the unremitting snow.

© 2020 Raj Sharma