Sree Sen

Sree Sen is from Mumbai, India. She relocated to Dublin, Ireland in 2019 where she is pursuing a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing at University College Dublin.

Her short story, ‘Beneath the Ashes’, has been published in literary journal, HeadStuff, 2020.

Sree worked as a journalist in Mumbai for over ten years, publishing in The Times of IndiaFirstpost, Hindu BusinessLine and DNA. Her journalism specialised in human interest features and social affairs, often championing the contemporary stories and causes of women in her native Mumbai, Kolkata and greater India.

Sree is currently writing her first crime novel ‘Retribution’ and completing her debut poetry collection, ‘My Home is a Sparrow’s Nest’ under thesis supervision by poet Julie Morrissey.

After the Sun Sets

Noon brings an urge for doughnuts.
I walk to the supermarket,
in a dark blue top
my lipstick is bright red;
it must be evening in Kolkata.

Hair dancing in the breeze,
canvas shoes squish a little,
wet from yesterday’s rains.
Pass a jogger on my 3-minute walk,
few cars go by,
red and yellow leaves gently sway.
Nobody stares.

Home with a brown paper bag,
white sugar crusting my lips
I quickly wipe off
bringing out a scarf
to cover the hint of cleavage.
Remove the red stain from my lips
just in time for the video call –

Hello, Mamma.

© 2020 Sree Sen