Olivia Vipond Smyth

Olivia Vipond Smyth is a 19 year old poet from County Dublin. Never to be found without a book in her hands, she grew up surrounded by Irish literature; something that remains close to her heart. With a passion for both Dublin City and the Irish countryside, her work often deals with themes of nature and urbanity, along with the odd bit of romance and, of course, cúpla focal!


Dark Dublin

The landscape has shifted.
A towering myth swallows our land whole.
Rain pours from this shaking skin.
Sweat and blood
meet the Liffey,
in a whirlpool of lingering silhouettes.
In ancient kinds of dark doorsteps,
you plunge your searching hands.
Explore red-brick bound
Discover long low-lit
Find fairytales and looming dreams.
Who dares to taint
this ancient Dublin scene?
She who is haunted by the weight
of our burdens.
She who has given her soul.
Stitched to our cores,
is her anthem.
A breath, a life, New and Old.

© 2020 Olivia Vipond Smyth