Julie Stevens

Julie Stevens lives in Cambridge, UK. She has had Multiple Sclerosis (MS) for 30 years. She used to be a teacher and was a successful athlete. Her poems tend to reflect the impact MS has on her life, as well as other topics close to her heart. She publishes under the name Jumping Jules and her website is http://www.jumpingjulespoetry.com.

Always There

You gave me the sunset
Neatly wrapped in a flaming cloth
With golden ribbons lacing its warmth
I can rest tonight knowing
Tomorrow will rise with me

I hear your call through foggy windows and
Know you hold my hand to gather strength
Before your cinnamon brown wings sail on to
Find another song, or two, or three
That you’ll nestle and cherish until our next meet

The air I breathe will wrap
My aching body in fresh life
Full of hope that I’ll carry with me
As the day’s troubles gather
You never leave my side

© 2020 Julie Stevens