Maire Morrissey-Cummins

Máire lives in a village by the sea on the outskirts of Dublin. She loves nature, her garden, her cat Athena, paints watercolours daily, writes a little, walks and hikes locally, dinner with girlfriends and travels with husband, Jim. Retirement is a great time of life. It continues to be an exploration, a search for a greater understanding of the world we inhabit and people we meet.


Wild Things

In the highest branches
of the Pittosporum tree
where wild honeysuckle and ivy
have tangled for years,
there is a swirling mass
of woody stems
grown into one another,
where a pair of coal tits
built a nest last year
and nurtured countless fledglings
all summer long.

On this sleet December day
when the trees are barren and black,
I can see the nest clearly
for the first time.
It is deftly woven, secure
even during the worst of storms.

In the cold light of day,
I look to this little nest
in absolute wonder.
It is a creation so strong
from the tiniest of birds,
built from the power
of true love.

I scatter seeds on the drenched bird table
and give thanks for the blessings
of wild things.

© 2020 Maire Morrissey-Cummins