Kathryn MacDonald

Kathryn MacDonald has published one collection of poetry – A Breeze You Whisper – as well as a novel. Her poems have appeared in anthologies and in both print and online journals. (For more information, please see her website: https://kathrynmacdonald.com.)

Tartan Lament

Your grandmother’s armchair
cloaked in wine tartan
sits dappled in sunshine.

The cactus you bestowed years ago
blossoms its paper-thin petals
fragile as a grieving heart

its prickly spines set to pierce
unwary fingers warding off
touch as I twist a golden band

conjure embraces
your laughter kissing my ears
as we sway to a Coltrane tune.

Curled in the chair’s embrace
another mid-May day settles
with its abundance of lilac

blossoms like those draping
the mantle behind us
as you gifted
your tartan name.

© 2020 Kathryn MacDonald