Enda Boyle

Enda Boyle was Born in Co. Derry in 1994. He was Educated at The University of Ulster and Queen’s University, Belfast. Previous Work has appeared in Blowing Razzberries, Dodging The Rain , A New Ulster, Down in the Dirt, Crossroads, Hidden Channel Zine and  Dawntreader.



The task done; the woman lost Orpheus went on tour.
Taking his lyre and a quiver of new lyrics he travelled
the circuit from Corinth to Thebes playing a version
of the lament he used to wheedle the will of the gods
he sang of their ascent upwards to that final cavern
of the first faint needle of light and the whispering
breeze on his neck as he turned to round to face her

After each performance glutted with the best wines
and with a purse as fat as a sack of spider’s eggs
he’d leave town satisfied with new songs forming
until one evening early in spring by the river Helicon
They saw him reclining against a pomegranate tree
The Maenads, followers of Dionysus were frenzied
They wanted to get Orpheus, tear at his lying fingers
sow shut his honeyed lips, eat his treacherous heart

© 2020 Enda Boyle