Zach Klebaner

Zach Klebaner is a filmmaker, comedian, and poet. He earned his B.A. in Film Studies and Production from Hofstra University in May 2019. During his university years, Zach co-founded the improvisational theater troupe Ambiguity, wrote for the school’s sketch comedy program Thursday Nite Live, and hosted the first campus open mic. Currently, Zach is writing poetry and collaborating with other writers and filmmakers to produce comedy sketches that will be uploaded to YouTube.

When Heaven Met Hell

Angels strumming harps
Descend greetings
To devils driving up
From pits of fire.

Light limps softly
Over stairs
As darkness drifts
To shake the hand.

At touch
The ground quakes
Like the San Andreas
And the rivers turn
To serpents that twist
Into frozen lightening
While rain rises from oceans
Leaving barren trenches
Of flopping fish.

The angels weep,
The devils laugh,
A storm forms
And they all dance in its’ eye.

© 2020 Zach Klebaner