Dominic James

Dominic James lives in the Cotswolds, and attends poetry meetings up and down the Thames River Valley. His collection, Pilgrim Station, was published by SPM Publications in 2016, and recently he has had poems in The Journal and Poetry Bus.

Mountain views

Across the terrace, past
blaring minarets and palms,
much further off, a vein,
a thread glinting on a shallow sky:
the snow-spined, mountain top.
My kind of slope, it draws me on.

Through the intervening haze,
a blaze of smog at noon,
I look out for the mountains
somewhat like the Himalayas’
with their vastly clean-cut flanks,
seen, long ago

across a paddy field,
when from infernal woods there rose
a blue, electric wing and then
virgin rock horizon.
I said: We’ve got to go there,
my only thought.

The Atlas is in reach,
in and out of sight a glaze
of snow field ribbons,
I am content to keep merely
a glimpse of them, to see
that they are near.

© 2020 Dominic James