Maire Morrissey-Cummins

Máire lives in a village by the sea on the outskirts of Dublin. She loves nature, her garden, her cat Athena, paints watercolours daily, writes a little, walks and hikes locally, dinner with girlfriends and travels with husband, Jim. Retirement is a great time of life. It continues to be an exploration, a search for a greater understanding of the world we inhabit and people we meet.


Swan Feathers

I trek away from the city fog
to woodland, dark and green
Where ancient willow
extend long tresses,
curled and crinkled
above a lily pad lake.

I crunch along
the gravel path,
circle the lake alone.
Autumn gathers under my feet,
the allotments run alongside,
ripe plums and figs
drape over the boundary wall
and there are fields of golden-rod,
waving high upon the hills.

Silver Salix stem from the dried-up riverbed
just as it does in Roscommon.
But here in Trier,
the lake shines beneath
the highest of pine.
I stand to reflect
on our time together at the farm.

A pair of swans wag
to the water’s edge
to greet me.
They leave behind a collection of feathers
spread out on a bed leaves.
I choose one,
place it in my purse
to bring home to you.

© 2020 Maire Morrissey-Cummins