Stephen Reburn

Stephen is a 25 year old construction worker who is looking to emerge onto the writing scene in a big way. He has been writing poetry since he was 10 years of age and it has always been a passion of his. In his poetry, he always looks to tell a story of untold perspectives and to vocalize unknown plights. There is also motivational and inspirational qualities within his poetry that overflows from his everyday life. Being a endurance athlete, he is always open to motivation. He is pictured below in one of his ultra-marathons. He hopes that his poetry is enjoyed by all who read it.

A Flying Shame

Oh, I have swayed and swooed around great heights and hollows
Weaved and woven through homely havens, like a pleck in a
Loosely strung instrument.
I flow with the flaws of a high breeze, within a cupping cloudy closeness,
To forsake the squeekes and squakes of fellow neighbours.
High above the catching hands of tiring men
And below the horrid noise of flying men.

The blind-full puffs of human glory and human shame,
Have not vanished and thus remain.
Nor has the prayers for prey,
Nor the need for the flying dead,
As we are tightly marked by what angels made.
Now I am too old to soar and
Too weak to flee,
For this will be my last puff, that I will see.

© 2020 Stephen Reburn