Timothy Gordan

Dreamwind is forthcoming, Autumn 2019 (Spirit-of-the-Ram Press). Work appears in Agni, American Literary Review, Cincinnati Review, Kansas Quaterly, Louisville Review, Mississippi Review, New York Quarterly, Phoebe, Rhino, Sonara Review and Texas Observer among others. Everything Speaking Chinese received RiverStone Press Poetry Prize. Recognitions include NEA & NEH Fellowships and nominations for Pushcarts and NEA Western States’ Book Awards. Gordan divides professional and personal lives among Asia, the Southwest and Maine.


Think of it as deft spring winds passing through full-blown lindens,
leaves shuddering, tentative as love’s sweet-talk, made almost breathless,
if spoken, or what fades into mist from pasture fieldstones and switchgrass
rising up to meet mountain rift-and-fold fogs before being one with blue,
then me, waiting old-school solo on the bounce with my new smart cell
under a sliver of moon for you, face, lip, finger, hand, scent, voice, kiss,
nearly merging selves, fingering Adam, only now, screen-time selfie subtext,
de trop meta meme signifiers, virtuosity, at best, until I de-douche the past,
swipe open my mobile, caress its crystal pixels, full frontal facetime.
Enter. Touch.

© 2020 Timothy Gordan