Ana M. Fores Tamayo

Ana has published in Acentos Review, The Raving Press, Rigorous, Indolent Books, Chaleur Magazine, Memoir, Poxo Press, Chachalaca Review, The Evansville Review, K’in, the Laurel Review, Down in the Dirt magazine, Selcouth Station Press in England, Fron//tera from Spain, Cosmographia Books, Literary Yard, India, the Watchung Review, the International Human Rights Art Festival (, and Black Mountain Press. Her art is a catharsis from the cruelty yet ecstasy of her work, helping asylum seekers. Through it, she can continue tilting at windmills.


I see insanity
a woman dressed in ruby red
riding the railroad
silver gray with the flight of locomotion.

That bewitched queen
is running with the river
rising above ruddy clouds
racing down the brick red rooftops
looking laughing longing
for obscurity.

That beguiling sorceress
is leaving life with all its sanity
its Lenten mourning for the dead
and timeless fate —
always waiting for that endless moment
to at last

I would like to be that raving lunatic
silver streaks upon my head of bronzen hair
sunburnt sand upon my eyes
blinded but believing;
shrieking madness
to a world overflowing
with incredulity.

I would like to be that beldam
dressed in ruby blood
riding on that dead black railroad
stomping at that paradise of hell…

© 2020 Ana M. Fores Tamayo