Glenn Hubbard

Always surprised by his apparent ability to write poems that people enjoy, Glenn Hubbard began writing in 2012.  His work has been published in a number of journals and ezines and last year one of his poems was submitted for the Forward Prize. He has lived in Madrid since 1987.

Scenes from a Sea Crossing

Beyond Burwick harbour the sea seethed within circles, the water forming small peaks.
 The cheering Greeks banged their raised spears at Agamemnon’s words.
Further out the water thickened into glistening plates that swelled then lost their shape.
 Patroclus raised the tent flap to stare at the sleeping Achilles,
 who then turned, oiled sinews and muscles tensing before relaxing
 back into place.
Little auks rose from the surface and flapped away from the ship.
 Flocks of birds flew out to sea in straight lines with undeviating
 purpose. Wrapped, Odysseus stood watching. Thus he would
 return to Ithaca, he thought, later.
Approaching the mainland, white-topped waves raced past, chasing each other towards the shore.
 The Trojan chariots flew across the plain, thick gobbets of froth
 flying from the mouths of the terrifying horses.
Calm came nearer the quay.
 When Hector fell, dismay descended like soot upon the
 dumbfound watchers on the walls.

© 2019 Glenn Hubbard