Jim Piatt

James Piatt and his wife, Sandy, live in a replica 1800s eastern farmhouse in Santa Ynez, California. He has had four collections of poetry published: The Silent Pond (2012), Ancient Rhythms (2014), Light (2016) and Solace Between the Lines (2019) as well as four novels, and 35 short stories. His poems have been nominated multiple times for both Pushcart and Best of Web awards. He earned his BS and MA from California State Polytechnic University, and his doctorate from BYU.

No Tomorrows

I tried to float into yesterday,
A place void of tomorrows,
As my thoughts twisted from
The earth and flew into the sky:

The heavens squirmed with
Life inside its dark void,
Its orbs like seed clouds
Floated over tombstones;

So allow me to dream,
Lest the summer dries
Out my dreaming presence
From the earth,

And I am left with the now,
Just a lonely soul searching
For yesterday’s joyful

© 2019 Jim Piatt