Tim Miller

Tim Miller’s “Mr Cassian” poems are from a collection of poetry and fiction called School of Night. Other pieces from the book have appeared/are forthcoming in SouthwordCutthroat, and Bold+Italic. He is online at wordandsilence.com.


Mr. Cassian’s 120th Dream

There are ways to equate body and home
or to assign the planets to organs
or to begin a great spiral at the heart
so, as it wheels out, it takes in everything.
There are ways to enclose our bodies in shapes,
the feet or navel or crown of the head
at the top or center or bottom
of a circle, a triangle, or square.
There are ways of mapping folds in the brain
or the hundred thousand lines in the palm
until they correspond to geography,
to minerals, plant life, or alphabets.
This all may be so and for some it may work
but for me none of it does or ever has;
and the point is that my body isn’t it,
and like an old serpent in the high grass
I am meant to slide out of it, forever.

© 2019 Tim Miller