Una Nolan

Úna Nolan is an 18 year old aspiring writer from Dublin. She has been writing since she was able to put a pen to paper, and has been focusing on poetry for 2 years now, and has been published once before in Top Mag online magazine. She is beginning her first year of college in UCD where she will be studying Law and History.


Elemental Man

Bitter seawater, churn and toss and scorn
Sweet sailors hastening across to
Shore’s safety, her breathy welcomed whisper

Drag vicious, howling thunder from
Weeping sky and ashen moon mourning
Acidic acres of waves, poisoned storm

A lone man- meek, mild and venerable
Moulding to each blow beating his
Peach cheeks, pretty prattling lungs

He lurches, stumbles left to right
On drowning deck with whipping winds to
Reprimand, pitiful punishment on naivety

He can not fend a falling, fire sky
He can not cease swirling, snarling seas
He is helpless but brave
World wearying him to bended knees.

© 2019 Una Nolan