Lucy Atkinson

Born and raised in the North East of England, Lucy Atkinson recently completed her bachelor’s degree in creative writing at Manchester Metropolitan University. At 21 she has already had some success in her poetry, recently having her poem ‘One Moment’ published in Acumen magazine and her poems ‘Tall Stories’ and ‘Of the Unborn’ published in Agenda magazine. She has been accepted to continue her study next year at Durham university.


Once there were wolves.
Long before the car park.
And the trees still sing
Of what was
And what is
And what never will be again.
Here there once were Viking men.
It was here they found their bones.
There were wolves once
Among the pine trees,
Now there’s a café and a giftshop.
Impressed? Yes.
But if I were a king,
And looked upon this placid grove
I wouldn’t rest my head.
What’s a king to car parks after all,
If even mighty wolves can fall?

© 2019 Lucy Atkinson