Francis O’Hare

Francis O’Hare was born in Newry, Co. Down, in 1970. His first full collection, Falling into an O, was published by Lagan Press, Belfast, in 2007. He published his second collection, Somewhere Else, with Lagan Press in 2011. In the same year, he also published a collection in America, with Evening Street Press, Ohio, entitled Home and Other Elsewheres. He has published poems in Poetry Ireland Review, Evening Street Review, The Galway Review, The Glasgow Review and The Yellow Nib.


Early morning stillness,
before the day
is yoked under harness

to stumble awake.
I lie, listening
to the lake of silence,

deep as time, breathe
and imagine myself
reborn, all my history

unwritten, this moment
a tabula rasa
in a book of hours,

medieval and sacred
with litanies, psalms,
offices, prayers,

the faint marginalia
of fern, flower and birdsong
unfurling itself

in my vellum-soft ear
and dream a thousand
picaresque tales,

full of exploit, adventure,
exotic lands, spiced
with Arabian maiden,

of the day ahead, my
dull dray turned steed
winging into the sky.

© 2019 Francis O’Hare