Stephen Bolger

Stephen J. Bolger is an experienced marketing professional having worked in financial services and the legal sector for many years. He enjoys composing poetry in his spare time. Stephen is a lover of insightful sports writing and innovative journalism. He is a proud Dubliner, husband and father.


On the horizon, specks of blue light
Horses in green fields, the end is in sight.
How will she hold up, when truth be told
Appears in all her glory, a sight to behold.

It’s wide expanse, it’s enclosed shape
It’s natural allure, a total escape.
It’s simple beauty, it’s seldom empty
It’s Kilkee Bay, the Bay of Plenty.

It’s Che Guevara, black sand,
It’s blue benches, the band stand.
It’s pollock holes, diamond rocks
It’s tea and scones, kids crocs.

It’s Sykes House, the sea air
It’s exposed rocks, laid bare.
It’s wet suits, small dogs
It’s rock pools, in your togs.

It’s majestic cliffs, waves crashing below
It’s the power of the sea, it’s crescendo.
It’s the rising swell, the changing tide
It’s puffin holes, soaring high and wide.

It’s hard to define, it’s hard to capture
But the place speak it, speak it in rapture.
This is our Town, this is our Bay
This is Kilkee, this is our Way.

© 2019 Stephen Bolger