Diarmuid Fitzgerald

Diarmuid Fitzgerald was born in 1977. He lives and works in Dublin as a primary school teacher. Two collections of haiku, Thames Way and A Thousand Sparks have been published by Alba Publishing. Poems have appeared in The Stinging Fly, Cyphers, Boyne Berries, The Blue Nib, Flare, and Skylight 47. Diarmuid is working on his first collection of regular poetry called Driftwood.


At Cee

For the last three days
between Santiago and Cee
I have walked at a furious pace
trying to outrun my thoughts.
Now I am on the cliff top gazing at the sea.

I abandoned my fellow pilgrims
as I felt uneasy with a disparate group
from Italy, Germany, England, Brazil and America.
I felt that they found me unacceptable,
a contract written in white ink,
its terms clear but silent.

They booked an apartment for themselves
and I was given the couch to sleep on.
I snook off without a word and found my own bed to say in.
I have tried to forgive myself to no avail.
Their faces haunt me.

Walking along the cliff edge
I realise I have always been on the edge
of friends, family, neighbours and work,
and I exclude myself.

The sea is a sheet of the clearest blue,
the wind brushes a ripple over the surface.

© 2019 Diarmuid Fitzgerald