Ogana David

Ogana David has had work featured in publications such as Former people: a journal of bang & whimpers, Ashvamegh Journal, Grey Sparrow Journal, African Writer, The Kalari Review  and many others. He thinks he loves to write.


God’s River

This isn’t the time to mourn your brothers.
This isn’t the time to pray, calling names
Of unknown gods. There isn’t time. There
Were times the people mourned their men
There were times, people called their gods
& the gods didn’t show up. Now is all the time
You seek for the one you Love in valediction.

Keeping my love book dust free, I say
All time is the time, thus, I better
Kill all time to be here. So now
Is the time, now is us, now is memory,
Now is the future, now the time
Is speaking against us. Now the time
Is speeding & we are going slow.
Now is a dream to come.

I am going to God’s river, where hate is washed
Away. Each drop of tear there, beneath a grain
Of sand would be love? My fictional characters
All lie. I have their filthiest blood imbibing in me.
It passed through the vein as we pass cutleries across
Dining table, more than a hundred years ago.
We kissed back what should have drove pass us
From a high skew, say war & desire, pride & prejudice.

© 2019 Ogana David