Richard Average

Richard Average is a 71 year old ex-merchant seaman living in Palm Bay, Florida. He has two books published under the imprint of Olde Seadog Books through Illume Artists and Writers of Gilbertsville NY: The Devil’s Widow and Other Stories and a satiric piece entitled Mobydyptera, a mix of Melville’s Moby Dick and O’Brien’s Third Policeman. He has also self-published a short work of selected poems titled The Sunken Boat II.

the sunken boat II

when a boat sinks let her
go down in deep water
among the drowned
shaded dead
let her make
that slow transit
through crystal depths
be pure
with her own

let her spiral downward
be sheer
undisturbed and drowsy
league upon league
away from the world’s
to Time virginal
an aura now
at the Sea’s bottom
silence perfected

let her be a phantom
to the world
ministered to secretly
by the dead
of her own wistful era
on the foam
fragile in morning mists
her delicate and dainty
jib running

let her hull
pierced by Poseidon’s pitiless
shudder at the kiss
of deepwater currents
her keel
shift sometimes violently
raging against
the fall
until at last
draped in a monumental
visited by strange
speckled life
let her forget
her Name

but never roll her in shallows
in limbo
where people in cars
the causeway
among hikers
and cyclists
will point and say
late in the day
‘I wonder who owns that boat
lying half-capsized in the bay’?

© 2019 Richard Average