Robin Ray

Robin Ray is the author of Wetland and Other Stories (All Things That Matter Press, 2013), Obey the Darkness: Horror Stories, the novels Murder in Rock & Roll Heaven and Commoner the Vagabond, and one book of non-fiction, You Can’t Sleep Here: A Clown’s Guide to Surviving Homelessness. His works have appeared, or is appearing, in Red Fez, Jerry Jazz Musician, Underwood Press, Scarlet Leaf Review, Neologism Poetry Journal, Spark, Aphelion, Bewildering Stories, Picaroon Poetry, The Bangalore Review, The Magnolia Review, Vita Brevis, and elsewhere.


They aborted me, couldn’t still the
jazz that was my heart, man’s sole
avenging organ. Municipal, I am not.

Beer tastes better when it’s wine, but
why should I kneel? My heart lacks a
tongue and my brain’s in recess.

This dress should be so tight I faint at
Cannes. I do. Flashbulbs wear me thin.
I miss the Palme d’Or thieves again.

Wine-soaked lips stir me to life;
I slap them for dragging me to AA.
A fitting punishment, I think.

© 2019 Robin Ray