Jennifer Horgan

Jennifer is a 38 year old Irish woman who has recently returned to Ireland after 12 years abroad.  She is a teacher of English and ethics, and a mother of three.

Nizwah, Oman.
Cahirsiveen, Ireland.

Old trees. Theirs, like ours, seem just to know
to keep on growing upwards.

Thrust onto their sides by wind whipped up
on hides of tawny mountains.

Collected rock and sand precariously left
beyond flat-topped, lonesome houses.

But against the moon domestic- transubstantiated Christ
We could be in Kerry for its likeness.

Maybe why we pray the way we do and to whom
Inventing such patterned ways and notions.

‘Inshallahs’ and ‘Dia dhuits’ lining holds for weathered bones
Newly cold and barely noted

On and on and strong
Like these old trees in foreign mountains.

Theirs, as much as ours seeming just to know to keep on
Growing upwards.

© 2019 Jennifer Horgan