Alisa Velaj

Alisa Velaj was born in 1982 in Albania. She has been shortlisted for the Erbacce-Press Poetry Award in 2014. Her poetry has been published in or is forthcoming in CultureCult Magazine, Stag Hill Literary Journal , The Quarterly Review, Orbis, The Linnet’s Wings, The Stockholm Review of Literature, Poetry Space Showcase and The Seventh Quarry among other publications. Her poetry collection, With No Sweat At All, will be published by Cervana Barva Press in 2019.


A Fog-Induced Dawn

Follow-up to a motif by poet, Hamit Gurguri

I love you,
I do,
I do!
For as long as we easily
understand each-other,
from sunrise
to the next morn,
when the light will shine anew…

I love you,
I so easily do.
Deeper and deeper,
clearer and clearer,
when so effortlessly
you discern my sun amid fogs
born along with you and me.

When by them not blinded,
we so easily understand each-other,
from one dawn
till the new one

We are in love,
when we easily,
so easily understand each-other,
when the brook flowing in the woods
is a simultaneous, shared feeling;
nay, we don’t even need to look at the woods!

When the fog at dawn,
is our mirror,
our mirror…

Translated from Albanian by Arben P. Latifi

© 2019 Alisa Velaj