Benjamin Hunt

Benjamin Hunt is a twenty-two year old medical student from Cork. While a career in science has always been his main ambition, he enjoys the art and therapy of poetry in his spare time. Living near the coast for most of his life, he takes a great degree of inspiration from nature when he writes, typifying the “wildness” and “power” associated with the Irish landscape while dealing with the human condition in his work.

That Day

I had waited,
I was always waiting.
For what I did not know, I could not know.
Until the day, when you were waiting, for me.

We drove to the seaside.
A cliff towering to hold us up,
In the gold of the day, a peaceful essence,
Sweet glow sighing on your soft bristled cheek.

You were much taller than I, close and gentle giant.
Sturdy and present, and I made humble and weak.
Some gaze that swept this sombre sailor,
Like a cotton blanket blooming from tortuous seas.

And this gaze that saw me, through me, made air as thin as space.
Breath took on some new substance, ethereal atmosphere.
You were that unseen colour, a tone lacking.
So arrogant was I to think to see, but I trust no old sight now.

Time took your hand from mine then,
And led you on your journey.
Such forces that coaxed us together, turning like tides.
I sit slumped, dizzy and shook, watching the ebb. Dissolution.

I am blessed but I am cursed. The thought lingers, a rock in my memory.
Unshakeable torturing bliss. I dared to feel more –
A dangerous game for which I am little prepared.
Could one be at all?

I drift onward, all I can do, rolling through the motions,
Captured sometimes in a brief burst of that same joy,
Sliced again by a dagger of that same hurt,
The deepest hunger.

And you are with another now.
He, captured in your gravity, illuminated by your radiance.
I understand. I’m not angry.
No one can own this.

I had waited. I was always waiting.
For what I did not know, I could not know.
Until the day, when you were waiting for me,
And finally, I saw what I am looking for.

© 2019 Benjamin Hunt